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The Stuck Club
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Daily friendship for anyone in a multiple system who is stuck or often interacts with the world.
Brief rules:

1. Please no snarking, flaming, or otherwise banhammer-worthy behaviours. You're of course allowed to snark about the situation of being stuck front, or about things that happen out in meatspace, but no snarking about people. Period.

2. Please stay moderately on topic. This is not the place to advertise dragons, fun websites (unless they're a good distraction from being stuck front), or other off topicky things. That doesn't mean the occasional off topic post is bad. Heck, everything needs a change sometimes. But please stay moderately on topic.

3. Please no explicitness. Seriously, I've got a little kid stuck up here with me. That should explain it, yeah?

4. Intro posts to let us all know who you are are appreciated but not required. That being said, we really like knowing who is here.

5. Pictures or things over three paragraphs should be lj-cut to save peoples' friends pages.

Your friendly mods,
gypsies_system and rhymer_713